Reclaimed Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Head

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These are the barrel heads from freshly-emptied, 53 gallon, white oak (Quercus Alba) barrels from bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. 

DISTILLERY USED - These barrel heads were used to craft the finest bourbon whiskey in the US and come with distillery stamps and a charred underside.

BATCH MARKINGS - Stamped with the batch number, warehouse location and other distiller info. Makes your barrel head 100% unique.

READY TO HANG - You get an authentic, distillery used Bourbon Barrel head, backing board to hold it together and mounting hardware to display it

AUTHENTIC - Based in Kentucky, we source barrel heads and components straight from the bourbon belt and its many fine distilleries.

NOTE - We are unable to guarantee a specific distillery. 


Includes 1 distiller used, bourbon soaked, charred and dried barrel head, wall mounting hardware, backing board all installed and ready to mount. Includes a french cleat for mounting, a backing board to hold the slats in place and care instructions.