Jack Daniel's® Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks

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These cuff links are cut approximately 0.75 inches square, and about 0.2 inches thick. They are made from the charred insides of whiskey barrels. Each piece is hand cut, and are cut from the the same stave. These are made from used Jack Daniel's® whiskey barrels.

The whiskey barrel pieces are carefully sealed to prevent any of the ash from coming off on clothing, and then 3-5 layers of clear coat are applied to add a light gloss and provide further protection of the ash and your clothing.

Each pair will ship out in a brown kraft style box with a cotton lining, and include a certificate confirming they are made from a whiskey barrel once used by the Jack Daniel's® distillery.

Jack Daniel's® is a registered trademark, and is in no way affiliated with the distribution of this product.