Whiskey Blending and Finishing Kit

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  • CREATE YOUR PERSONALIZED BLEND - This set includes professional quality beakers and dropper to precisely measure and blend different varieties of your favorite whiskies. Blends typically use a distinctly different whiskey styles, like a single malt blended with a single grain. If Bourbon is your whiskey of choice, try blending it with a bit Rye for a truly unique flavor profile.
  • AGE YOUR WHISKEY WITH AMERICAN AND FRENCH OAK CHIPS - We have included seasoned American Oak and French Oak Wood Chips made from the highest quality barrels staves. Toasted at medium and heavy levels to provide unique infusion levels of "oaky" character, with subtle hints of vanilla and oak spice. Four tube include, each tube containing 0.5 oz. of a unique variety of oak.
  • YOUR WHISKEY THE WAY YOU LIKE IT - With this Blending and Finishing Kit you can experiment until you find that perfect blend made just for you... by you! We've included (3) three lab quality beakers, (4) varieties of seasoned oak chips, a 16 oz. mason jar for soaking and easy removal of oak aging chips, a 375ml whiskey bottle with label and cap for storing your finished whiskey, a premium quality crystal whiskey tasting glass, a graduated measuring dropper, and an infusion bag.
  • ALL PREMIUM COMPONENTS INCLUDED - Each piece of this whiskey gift set has been carefully and professionally selected by working with distillers and blenders from major distilleries. Use the included beakers and dropper for precise blending. The jar is large enough to allow room for adding oak wood chips and makes it simple to remove them when the whiskey is aged to your personal levels.